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Bill Coleman coltrek at verizon.net
Thu Feb 1 08:35:42 EST 2007

Speaking of MacLube, has anyone tried using that on a prop?  That Geocities
site mentioned a few suggestions for maintaining a prop, 

<<Scrub propeller often. 
Wrap plastic garbage bag over propeller if not going anywhere for a while. 
Polish propeller to very shiny state. 
Zinc oxide cream. 
Teflon grease. 
Bottom paint (primer first). >>

And also prefaced these suggestions with this:
 'Trying to keep barnacles off propeller (none of these work well; best

I never really thought of prop degradation until I saw the pictures of the
Gori the fellow was complaining about,

I am also thinking of wiping silicone grease all over, and then wiping that
off. I think Silicone is the secret ingredient in RainX.

Bill Coleman
C&C 39

Henry try giving the bearings a good spray of Harken dry lube, this stuff 
works great and lasts a good while. I spray it in my mast slot and on the 
mainsail slugs, what a difference.
1988 30 Mk II
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