{Stus-List} Stearns twin stay

david.knight at bell.ca david.knight at bell.ca
Thu Feb 1 11:18:09 EST 2007

I would say Henry that you could leave the mast up, as long as you use
several halyards. You could then easily work on the lower end...but not
sure about climbing to the upper end if just halyards are your forestay!

Hope that helps,

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Well I am needing to ask with a Stearns twin stay, does the mast need to
be dropped in order to change out the bearings or can they just be
re-greased without dropping the mast?
I believe (I know) the bearings are fine; I replaced them when I bought
the boat down from Bayfield.
I will attach several halyards to the bow before I do anything.
Does anyone have an idea? :)   

Henry Hoover
C & C 32
Fairhope, Al.

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