{Stus-List} Stearns twin stay

Rich Knowles sailpower at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 1 13:28:14 EST 2007


I cannot see any reason to have to take out the mast to detach and lower the
forestay complete and later hoist it and reattach it at the masthead and
bow. One jib halyard taken to the bow securely and cranked up tight is amply
strong to support the mast at the dock. Another can be used to take the
weight of the forestay using a rolling hitch on the foil while you pull the
various pins and then lower the assembly to the dock. The ideal would be to
have a crane take you up the mast, but if that is not available, you can
still go up in the chair on the main halyard once the mast is secure and the
halyard well tied off.

In your note you mention that you had serviced the bearings before and
thought they were OK. I presume you have a reason for wishing to dismantle
the unit again. The Stearns system uses sealed bearings that must be
replaced as entire units. They are not serviceable.

Check out http://www.rigrite.com/furling/stearn/stearn.html

Hope this helps.

Rich Knowles
Indigo - LF38

> Well I am needing to ask with a Stearns twin stay, does the mast need to
> dropped in order to change out the bearings or can they just be re-greased
> without dropping the mast?
> I believe (I know) the bearings are fine; I replaced them when I bought
> boat down from Bayfield.
> I will attach several halyards to the bow before I do anything.
> Does anyone have an idea? :)
> Henry Hoover
> C & C 32
> Fairhope, Al.

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