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I have a new old boat and have used bottomkote for years on the previous
one. I hate putting more paint than is needed on the bottom and have
found in Buzzards Bay I can skip a season now and again.  If my bottom
is only slimy and not too fuzzy in the fall I often skip the paint for
the next year. This does mean that I often need to dive on the bottom a
couple times the next summer.
Obviously I don't race and choose to use my limited spring commissioning
time for other  priorities like: repair the head, engine maint, upgrade
the electronics, rewire the bilge pump ...

Good luck

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I bought my C&C34 two summers ago (2005), and the yard put two coats of
Interlux Bottomkote on before putting the boat in the water.  I have had
two half seasons of sailing since due to the boat going in the water in
late July both years.  So this may be the first year I have to deal with
doing something to the bottom. Questions:
1.  How do you know when an ablative paint like this one needs more
coats?  I did absolutely nothing last year and that was really nice!
2.  Assuming I have to do something, and I am using a similar product,
what is the general process?  Sand and paint? How many coats? Presumably
I can do this myself?
3.  I have read the previous posts about brands of bottom paints and
there seem to a variety of opinions, but if anyone wants to add to
previous comments, please feel free.  I have been tracking the
information from California DEP on the non-toxic coatings due to my
environmental conscience, but they don't seem ready for someone lazy
like me who is not going to clean the bottom every week or two from what
I have read.  Thanks- Dave

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