{Stus-List} Sailing Alone Safely

Arthur Philip Dent dent at yip.org
Sat Feb 3 17:01:23 EST 2007

Jamie, definatly jack lines.  I was once in the school of thought that 
jacklines weren't all that safe and would rather tow a line behind the 
boat to grab on to if i get knocked overboard.  worked well for me until 
the day i was soloing and my furler line got bunched up and couldn't furl 
the sail up (was getting really windy and had it out to a 150).  so i walk 
up to manual untangle while the boat was head to wind.  when i got back to 
the helm, to bearaway, the rudder wouldn't move.  looked behind me and my 
tow line with knots in the was wrapped around me rudder.  had to go diving 
in late september in lake ontario to untangle.  (had mild hypothermia when 
i got back in the cabin to warm up.  i left that school that day and went 
to the school of jacklines.
also on my pfd i have a small pencil flare with a few flares on it and a 
whislte :)
take care

On Sat, 3 Feb 2007, Jamie Reece wrote:

> So the unfortunate news of the C&C40 lost off the SF Bay area and the
> resulting discussion has me thinking about my habits when sailing alone.
> I know that I don't always follow the best protocols when sailing alone. I
> wear an inflatable PDF about 90% of the time when I'm alone, and I almost
> always have my tether attached to it.  Though, I only use my tether
> (actually clip in) about 2/3 of time when I'm out of the cockpit, and never
> really clip in when I'm in the cockpit.  I don't use jacklines, though I'm
> seriously thinking about adding them since I don't like clipping in/out on
> the life lines while moving outside the cockpit in choppy seas and stronger.
> Aside from the auto-inflatable harness, tether and just sensibility about
> weather/conditions, the only other protocol I have is to check in with my
> wife by phone at specific times so she knows I'm safe.
> As mentioned I've thought of adding jacklines and a small safety pack
> (flares, smoke, mirror) to my harness to raise attention if I were to go
> over.
> For those that sail solo, what protocols and tools do you use to stay safe?
> Seems that everyone has their tips and tricks, and I'd love to hear them.
> Thanks.
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