{Stus-List} No end to winter...

Ronald B. Frerker rbfrerker at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 5 10:03:13 EST 2007

Got to single digits last night, in St. Louis no less.
 Only about 23deg below normal.
Think of the brighter side for you guys up north, when
global warming kicks in, you'll be where people want
to be instead of Florida!
Wild Cheri

--- Frederick G Street <fred at postaudio.net> wrote:

> Sorry in advance for the rant...
> It seems that global warming has (at least
> temporarily) been put on 
> hold; this morning I woke up to -21F (-30C) on the
> thermometer.  This 
> is actual air temp, not windchill.
> I realize that, as Minnesnowtans, we're supposed to
> be a hardy lot, and 
> just shrug it off; or at least make it a topic of
> idle conversation for 
> the next few days.  But I, for one, am thinking that
> maybe all of you 
> down south (Henry, Dennis and the New Orleansians,
> the Floridians, etc) 
> just might have it right.  What the heck am I doing
> up here, where 
> people actually DRIVE on the lakes this time of
> year, including big, 
> bad Lake Superior?!
> Okay, enough of that... I feel better now...
> Fred Street -- Minneapolis
> S/V Oceanis (1979 C&C Landfall 38) -- on the hard in
> Bayfield, WI   :^(>
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