{Stus-List} 35 MkIII Keel sump

Colin Kilgour ckilgour at sympatico.ca
Mon Feb 5 16:19:03 EST 2007

Sorry John, just catching up on this now... No, I don't have any pre-repair
photos of mine.  

There are more 35 III's on the list than just you three... Dave Knight...
come on down!

Still fighting with the insurer?  Obviously, we wish you luck.


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I need a favor from any listers who own 35 MkIIIs who happen to have taken 
their floorboards out this winter. Could you please shoot digital photos of 
the keep sump and surrounding floor area that show the fibreglass layup, and

email them to me off list? I have already received photos from Beth and Jake

but could use some from another couple of boats.

Colin, do you have pre-repair photos from your boat? I realize you had a 33 
but the layup may be the same.

Many thanks.

John Garth
Moondance 35 MkIII
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

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