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I had a 135 that has a Roach and two vertical batten up top, and one lower.
This was A Bierig creation.  I eventually had him take the roach out,
because if I had ever won anything over a beer can race, someone would have
protested me for the battens.
Received an A sail this fall, haven't tried it yet, but I asked him to
flatten out the leech and take some curl out so I could hopefully go a
little higher with it. I had tried his standard A sail from another 39, and
was really impressed at how high I could sail with it, probably 10 or 15
degrees higher than with my old re-cut A sail.  NOTHING like these Doyle
sails, however. 
Bill Coleman
C&C 39

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Somehow i got on the Doyle Sails email list. Probably from getting a quote
at a boat show.
Their current info-letter has an interesting idea.
It is 'Upwind Assymetrical'. This isn't going to be legal in phrf any time
soon, but is ok in the IRC. It is a giant jib with a vertical luff and
battens to hold the shape. They say there is a slight issue when tacking,
and you must drop the sail about 10' to get it around.
When most of us are paying large boat bucks to gain tenths of a knot upwind,
they report that this sail added a whopping Knot and a Half to the upwind
speed of a TP52 (out of Detroit) in 8kn true. Now that's a giant leap ahead!
Interesting how the ratings rules don't really allow boats to go as fast as
they might.
Photo of this thing at: 
Dave Ryan(no affiliation with Doyle, dont even have a sail)
C&C 33-1
1975 (best looking 32-year old in the harbor)

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