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Agree the loads on a # 3 and 4 are substantial, especially on a larger boat such as a 40 and a backing track seems to make sense

You may be right about the tracks ripping out, but offer our experience.  Tracks are approx 30 inches long, installed with standard stainless flat head bolts, nuts and two thick stainless washers under each nut.  Location is in a high strength area adjacent to the juncture of the cabin top and side.  Got trapped in heavy squall from the remnants of Hurricane Ivan during a race a few years ago.  Winds were forecast for sustained high 20's.  Based on shore side weather stations, we actually saw frequent 60 kt gusts and sustained 50 kts for over an hour.  Torrential rain with hail.  Seas rapidly built to 8 plus feet and were vertical shape of short duration.  This was the squall where a trimaran flipped over backwards due to a micro burst, killing a crew member.   We beat to weather off a lee shore and shallow water for a good 3/4 hour to gain access to harbor channel with only # 3 up.  Boat frequently on its side, falling off waves into troughs - definitely not fun and hope we never have a similar experience in the future.  The crew and I were definitely the worse for wear, but the boat and tracks held up just fine (good thing) and reinforced our confidence in the design and workmanship of our C&C, the value of ongoing maintenance, good gear and experienced crew.

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  I had heard of number 3 tracks ripping right out of the coach house when only installed with washers.   You can use teak battens to cover the holes.  Once they are installed, no one will even look twice at them.


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    The issue is trying to avoid cutting away more of the headliner to get the plate in against the inner skin of deck...looks like I best suck it up, cut it up and cover more of it up...


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      You didn't say what your issue was.  If it's the nuts showing, consider using barrel nuts.  Stay with the backing plate.  The loads on the #3 and #4 are substantial.  I covered the the backing plate and nuts for my blade track with a teak cover.  If I had it to do again, I'd use barrel nuts for a thinner cover.



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        I am installing inboard tracks (for the # 3 & 4) on my the cabin trunk.   Ideally I would like to back it with the 1 1/2" backing bar.  However, it is proving more difficult than expected (big surprise) and I am contemplating using 1 1/2" backing washers.   



        Any experience using washers in this application?  Thanks in advance.



        David Risch


        Corsair 1981 40'


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