{Stus-List} Plumbing Project Site?

Lee Youngblood leeyoungblood at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 12 11:25:20 EST 2007

Hi Wally

We are waiting for the latest update to your site, and appreciate 
your thorough and appropriate documentation of all your boat 
projects. . .

Thanks, Lee

>Dennis - Actually, I was working on plumbing today and accidentally pulled
>the wrong hose and covered myself with some very nasty stuff.  Let's just
>say that if I'm dead in a week we can't blame it on the spinach.  Oddly
>enough, I removed all spare clothes from the boat a few weeks ago (heck,
>it's winter) and I didn't have a change of clothes.  Rather than call it a
>day, I finished my plumbing project in the buff.   (Yes, I know, you can
>take that into a million jokes.  But it's funnier to have actually done it.)
>>No, the list server is broken and not transmitting in order.  Or possibly,
>>I used a word in my original post that triggered a rule that requires Stu
>>to approve my original message.  Who knows.  I'll send the first message
>>to you off the list.
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