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Totally agree!!  The navigation charts should look like photos and the accuracy should be to inches.    Depths are more important to me because of our 7 foot draft but realized this may not be so availible?   I am always amazed at the programs financed by US dollars to study things like crops or Polar Bears, or Antarctica.  Fix the damn charts!!

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> This is sorta a pet peeve. Heck, we've had satellites for so long that 
> Google Earth is free. It sure seems like someone could take satellite 
> images, overlay them on nautical charts, and correct the errors -- at least 
> on the land masses. Of course, who would pay for something like 
> that? Well, gee, don't get me started... Wal 
> you wrote: 
> >None of the charts we use today were created recently, most are "updated" 
> >versions from before the age of electronics. This also includes the 
> >electronic layered charts which were based off of the original paper charts. 
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