{Stus-List} Cutless bearing replacement

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It’s not a difficult job.  There is a picture of a homemade tool on the
photoalbum site in do it yourself projects but I think the one that we made
is better …at least it worked like a charm for me.  I can send you some
photos of it to your personal email if you would like…the files are too
large for this list




Dwight Veinot

1974 C&C 35, Alianna

Head of St. Margaaret's Bay, NS



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Anyone have any experience with this tool?


Looks a lot like the one I just invented in my head, although mine looked
cruder and was very single-purpose. 

I have to replace the cutless bearing this spring, so I was going to take a
pipe ID sized 1/16" over the shaft size and OD 1/16" under the strut size
(may have to have it machined to fit), have a flange welded onto it, and use
a variant of this double-bolt drawtight effort to push the old bearing up
the shaft, towards the boat. When free of the strut, I could cut it off with
a Dremel or suchlike, and use the tool to push the new bearing in. All this
to avoid removing the shaft, which would entail dropping the rudder, and I
just don't want to get into that this year. It's going to be enough hassle
fitting the MaxProp without getting into that as well. 

I don't suppose someone has one...?


Jim Watts
Paradigm Shift
C&C 35 Mk III

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