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Check the wiring.  When I had my mast down I found zip cord (lamp wire) instead of ABYC approved wiring.  It's easy to pull the new wiring through by attaching it to the old wiring.  Check all of your bulbs  to make sure they're working.  check the bulb sockets for corrosion.  Wash the mast with soapy water and a mild abrasive.  (The white or blue Scotch Brite pads work fine, and they don't scratch.) After washing the mast, a coat of wax is all you need.

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From: David Knecht-charter <david.knecht at uconn.edu>
> I had the mast on my 34 taken down this winter, but now that I have  
> it down, I am not sure what to check. The rod rigging apparently does  
> not show problems before failing, so not much to do there.  I can  
> look at the sheaves and see how worn they are.  What else should I be  
> on the lookout for?  Also, is there anything I should be doing with  
> the mast itself in terms of treating the aluminum surface?  Thanks- Dave
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