{Stus-List} LF info on small club operations...

Bill Connon bconnon at globetrotter.net
Wed Feb 21 19:30:00 EST 2007


Be on the lookout for a pic of a homemade travel lift that I saw in 
Gaspe Quebec. It's fairly well equipped with hydraulics to lift boats up 
to 45 ft. There was no self power at the time but it worked well with a 
good sized front end loader. I spoke to the marina manager who built it 
and he said it was no big deal, just time consuming and expensive.

Caprice 1

Robert Skene wrote:

> Ross,
> Is there any chance you could send me a picture of the "belted lift trailer"?  It sounds 
> like the kind of thing we are thinking about.
> We currently hire a local 40 ton crane to do crane-in and crane-out.  We usually lift 12 - 
> 14 boats in just over three hours.  Our problem is that the owner of the crane is 
> threatening to sell the crane and retire.  As it is the only crane for acouple of hundred 
> miles, this causes us some concern.  That is why we are looking for alternatives.
> We found a couple of possibilities on the internet.  They are essentially a travellift that 
> is pulled by a truck rather than being self propelled.  They have only wheels at the rear, 
> while the front is supported by the fifth wheel coupler of the truck (in other words a 
> semi-trailer travelift)  I was wondering if yours is something like that.
> Thanks
> Bob Skene

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