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> Hi Greg,
> I think most reasonably intelligent people know that anything on the
> Internet, just as anything in print, needs to be from more than one
> clearly independent source before it starts to be considered anything
> approaching fact. We should also note that this email list has the same
> problem! Anyone can post here, and they do. That's why providing links
> to further discussions or information from other sources is always a
> good addition to anything posted here. It's up to each individual to
> determine at what point they have seen enough information to satisfy
> them as to whether something is correct, either in part or whole. Jargon
> and lazyspeak do tend to make it harder to figure out which end is up at
> times. I'm completely convinced, and have great confidence, that
> kerosene is less refined, more corrosive, and not as suitable for
> cleaning winches as what is generally called Stoddard Solvent. The folks
> who make the winches seem to agree on that point as well. If I, and
> they, are wrong, then please point me to some sources so I can learn
> why. The only evidence I've seen to the contrary so far, is individual
> anecdotal evidence posted to this list.
> I seem to recall that at one point, peer review by the worlds leading
> scholars resulted in the belief that the sun revolved around the earth. 
> :-)
> Bill
> Gregory Cutter wrote:
>> Bill -
>> Better, but people have to understand that much of the web is not
>> peer-reviewed, in this case by qualified scientists, as our professional
>> journals are. In this case, what's tripping everyone up are the trivial
>> (common) names for so many organic solvents (I do have a PhD in 
>> chemistry).
>> Greg
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