{Stus-List} Gelcoat cracking/blemishing at/below waterline - "fish eyes"?

Wally Bryant wal at wbryant.com
Wed Feb 28 21:43:28 EST 2007

Thanks Phil, it's good to know there's another die grinder fan out there.

Realistically, Dennis, you could rent a small air compressor, buy a hose 
and die grinder and take your whole waterline down to laminate in a 
day.  I've watched people with "pox" on old Taiwan 50 foot hulls grind out 
every pocket in less than a week using a die grinder with a 1/2"  round 
flat-head bit.

Grinding it down is easy.  Filling and fairing is the time consuming part.


you wrote:
>I will second Wallys comments bout the air powered die grinder. I bought a 
>die grinder for $15 at Northern Tool and $25 worth of hose and connections 
>and use this to clean some stuff on my mast. My boat yard has air available.
>Be sure and wear eye protection when doing this

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