{Stus-List} Spinnaker bags - turtle vs side launch?

Stelios Hondrocolos stelios_hondrocolos at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 3 09:59:09 EST 2007

The rectangular bag (2) is the way to go.  But I dont
understand why people think you cannot launch it off
the pulpit as well which we do cruisng al the time.  

Also a bow hatch douse is not the only way to go. also
can 'envelope' (take down spin between boom and
mainsail on loose foot main which works very good for
short crew and collects spin under control.

dont forget on bow hatch douse you have  bow man AND
sewer man weight in the front of the boat. this is
slow as usually they make sewer guy a fat person as

off season project if mast is down..have a 'crane'
built at mast top to attach swiveling spin blocks
forward of mast a few inches. makes less chafe and
also doubles as easy  back up jib sheaves in case
halyard breaks you can easily re rig a halyard on
external side of mast    

not expensive and results in less chafing..easier.

now  banding chutes.. do not use rubber bands as not
good for al gore's environement and turtles. use thin
yarn.,Good idea to band in 15kts plus and more
important the bigger the boat.  Use thin yarn and band
about avery 18 inches or so 1/3 - 1/2  the way in from
head and clews (it sfine to do but no need to band all
the way unless very windy. just what you need from bag
to tack, clew.  Do not tie to tighlty around spin as
it will not open easily, but the more wind the tighter
you can band up to full length   

1. dispenser  - Cut bottom of big coke bottle and
insert yarn spool in. Tape bottom back on.

2. cut thin slit at bottle neck. (poke blade through
bottle)  pull end of yarn thru slit (not thru bottle

3. now you can pull the yarn out as you need it. cut a
length.  thin slit will hold  yarn end out of bottle
to pull again for next  length. 

4. you can get a big bucket and cut the bottom out so
you have big tube. smooth cut area.  now pull spin
head thru bucket and you can band every so often as
spin  collects and exits bucket.

5. after hoist sharp pull on guy and sheet an dspin
should open. sometimes if not bow guy can pull
direction down and back hard to help break yarn. 
banding is very good. but not needed in light wind. 
can do an earlier hoist and get things set up before
taking down jib.    



--- AJ Miceli <ajmiceli at verizon.net> wrote:

> Dennis,
> I have used both.  We very much preferred #2 -- very
> easy to pack and very good for side launch.  The
> lifeline clips keep the bag horizontal (and attached
> to the boat).  The head is always in the middle,
> held fast with velcro straps.  The clews are
> similarly held, and accessible very fast, on each
> end with velcro straps.  The open top makes it easy
> to pre-feed before launch.  It fits easily through
> the hatch after launch.  When filled, it can stow
> flatter in the v-berth than the turtle.  The ring on
> the turtle head offered the advantage of allowing
> the bag to sit in the hatch if you wanted to pack
> the chute as it was coming down (which we rarely
> did) -- more often, the ring just made it harder to
> get the turtle down through the hatch after launch
> :)
> My 2-cents.
> aj
> AJ Miceli
> Erie, PA
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>   Subject: {Stus-List} Spinnaker bags - turtle vs
> side launch?
>   Just wondering about the list's opinion on the 2
> more common spinnaker bags.  For this discussion,
> please ignore hatch or companionway
> launching/dousing.  Focus on side launching and
> perhaps a bow launch (very infrequent).
>   Bag 1 - traditional round drawstring top bag with
> lifeline clips known around my area as a "turtle"
>                    vs
>   Bag 2 - side launch bag or spinnaker box bag (see:
>  This bag is rectangular, has long hook & loop split
> in the top.  The head sticks out the middle while
> the clews stick out the ends.  It also has lifeline
> clips.
>   Opinions about launching chute from 1 vs 2?  
>   Opinions about ease of packing chute in 1 vs 2?
>   Any other thoughts?
>   Also, how many of you band your 1.5 ounce chute?
>   Thanks,
>   Dennis C.
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