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Cary Palmer zuhl at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 4 21:48:02 EST 2007

I redid the Bottom on my C&C 24 Competition last fall.  20 coats of paint.  It is very good but not perfect.
Took me two months of working from daylight to dusk to get it done.  Beyond exhausting.  The majority of the work was removal of the old material.
I put on 4 gallons of Interprotect 2000E epoxy,  two gallons of Baltoplate and three cans of VC17M.
Quite pleased with the keel, it cleaned up nice, have some imperfections in the hull finish that would have been solved had I sprayed the epoxy.
I rolled everything, Would have had a better result had I sprayed the Interprotect.  It orange peels just a bit if you roll it.  Litererature says spraying Interprotect is tricky, Had horror stories about breathing in epoxy particles/fumes, Talked to my buddy who runs a Marine repair facility afterward, told me it was no big deal.  My bad and too late, the job is done,and I can't go back to the beginning.
1st trick is to put on the first coat of Interprotect in Grey, then a second coat in white, then sand it off until you start to see the Grey show through. This will expose any low spots.  Fill any thing you have with "watertite" epoxy putty It is designed for Interprotect, and is easy to work with.  Especially good for filling blisters.  Sand it several hours later, before it cures completely if you wait until the next day it is HARD to sand.   
You may want to repeat the contrasting color of epoxy as necessary to identify any subsequent imperfections.
I went Grey Grey Grey white Grey Grey  White white white . . . . Think I have 11 or 12 coats of Interprotect, About three coats per gallon on my 24. Two Gallons of Baltoplate gave me another 5 coats, 3 to 4 coats of VC17M.
I tried sanding off the old 6 coats of bottom paint, I finally broke down and spent the money on stripper worked fantastic and was much  less work.  Vastly more messy though, I'm still cleaning my driveway.
I was most concerned about sanding off the expensive epoxy, thinking it would fill in as I applied more material, would have been more satisfied has I done more aggressive sanding at the early stages.
Trying to paint too close to the support pads.  I have 6 pads on my trailer, could only unsupport it at two opposite sides, I had to lay it on thick since they only got coated 2/3 as often as the rest of the hull.     Accomplished that by starting out at the pad areas and then putting on a 2nd coat as I came to the end of my mix. 
Wished  I could have started out doing the pad support areas first, but it doesn't quite work that way with Epoxy and mixing batches etc.  
Sander Choice.  I used a cheap 3x9 pad sander from Harbor Freight(actually burned up 3 of them, I love warranties), bought an electric dual action orbital halfway through the project,  used sandpaper at a much faster rate but did beautiful and fast work.
Biggest Mistake was NOT SPRAYING the Epoxy.  
Don't have much more for you, hope this helps a little.
My bottom wasn't in bad shape at all to begin with, but It seems quite a bit faster.  I can now go about 50-75% farther on a tank of gas, I'll find out for sure Saturday, first race since the new bottom job.
We'll See . . .
Cary Palmer
Columbia Sailing Club
Ballentine, SC
C&C 24 "Caliente"

Easy question today (I Hope)   Does anyone have Gregs notes that they could forward on to be on how to put a race bottom on a boat: sanding, fairing, painting etc....
 . . ..so it is now time to think about this bottom fairing project.

C&C 32
Va Beach2007 

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