{Stus-List} C&C 32 in SAIL Magazine?

Michael Clow mdclow at warmgear.com
Mon Mar 5 16:30:12 EST 2007



I just received my March 2007 SAIL magazine and there is a series of
articles on "Summer Vacations".  One article, on page 75, is about cruising
in Lake Michigan.  The area featured is Grand Traverse Bay & Charlevoix.  On
page 77 is a picture of what very much looks like a C&C 32 outside of the
channel approach into Charlevoix (from Lake Michigan).  The sail number is
25107.  Might anyone know the owner of this boat?


Michael Clow

C&C 32, Desire <http://desiresailing.org/> , Lake St. Clair 

TheYachtsman.Com <http://theyachtsman.com/> 


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