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CATRACER zuhl at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 12 00:25:51 EDT 2007

Just got a chance to race my C&C with the New Mods.  First race with new 
Bottom Paint, Navman 3100 with Speed/depth/RaceTimer &WaterTemp and the 
Radio installed.  Still having probs with the electric switches, I think 
I need to clean contacts or replace 3 or 4 of the switches in the panel.
Had a bad start in the first race, still recovered well and got over in 
a pocket of dead air, picked it up and somehow managed a fifth place 
with 11 boats in our class.
Second race We had an excellent start. Only made one mistake and took my 
first bullet in my C&C. 
Still  having a time trying to figure out how to set the sails for 
downwind, We seemed to have better luck with our whisker pole on the 
opposite side that everybody else was running theirs on.  Having the 
track and car mounted to the mast sure made that part easier with the 
pole attachment.  Ended up with 38 inches of track installed, Seems to 
be plenty of length for now although I may change my mind on that one 
when I get a spinnaker for the boat.
Cary Palmer
Ballentine, SC
C&C 24 "Caliente"

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