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I checked the can.  The minimum time between coats is two hours at 90 degrees.  The yard could easily put on four coats in one day if the temperature is high.  Especially if they sprayed it on.  Be sure to use the temperature of the hull, not the air.  Follow the mixing directions, use a drill with a stirrer attachment.  Mix thoroughly, and let stand for the 20 minutes, as directed, before painting.  Use solvent resistent rollers.   

Caution:  If you plan on recoating continuously, you may want to wear a good respirator.  2000E gives off a strong smell when it kicks that irritated my throat.  Did mine when temps were in 50's & 60's so I just left the boat after a coat and returned after a day or two to recoat.  If I stayed to work on the boat while the paint dried, I'd start smelling it in the air and tasting the stuff.  Never get that with West System epoxy which I've applied inside at home.


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Ed,  I thought thatthe min time was on the can - something like 4 hours.

Careful what the yard tells you, 'cause he really don't care about the smoothness of the finish, and loading a roller on uncured product will leave big time roller marks and lifting of the previous uncured surface.  Ain't worth it to try to push the time limit.

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Do you know what the Min time between coats of Barrier coat is?  The yard told me that he can get all 4 coats on in 1 day.  They do a fair amount of this kind of work.  There paint guys told me that if he can push his thumb into it and it is slightly tacky but does not leave a print it is good to hit with the next coat - something like that.  I am sure that it will be at least a 60degree day.  Hecks its almost 80 here now and I am about 2 weeks from paint day.

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Interlux recommends alternating the white and grey barrier coats to be sure of coverage.  I was forced to do that this fall because the suppliers ran out of grey.   I painted grey, grey, white, grey, white, grey.  The grey covers the white easily but the white doesn't cover the darker color as well.  I wound up putting six coats on and sanded the last coat about a week after drying.  I moved the stands before coats and the two colors helped to keep me straight on where to paint.  I spread the job out over a four week period always staying between the min and max time allowances for the temperature.  If you wait more than two weeks, you have to sand the interprotect with 80 grit paper, so a sixth coat is required.  The boat yard recommended not waiting until spring to sand but sanding before the paint was rock hard which they said takes over a month.  It sanded fairly easily this way, and is ready for bottom paint.  I found with our boat, a 34R I could measure out enough hardener an
d paint and set aside to paint the area under the stands the following day or so.  It was cold enough that I sometimes needed to wait over 10 hours between coats. 

For what its worth, the boat yard uses grey only. 

VC Offshore requires launch next day if I remember right, so that has to wait to be done last.   


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