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I have to decide on bottom paint and will probably go with either Interlux's VC-Offshore or Ultra, but wonder about anyone's experience with Pettit's Vivid or Interlux's Trilux 33 or Interlux's Micron Oltima.  Looking for opinions on paint's effectiveness against slime in salt water, do you scrub bottom, do you sand? etc.  


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I second the Vivid choice...ablative buts sands sooooo smooooooth.  (totally stripped bottom prior to application...scraper for 80% orbital for the rest

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I just completed converting from Micron 66 to Vivid.  Micron is a soft ablative and Vivid is a hard ablative bottom paint.  I put three coats of Micron on the boat and four at the water line and leading edges.  Last year my diver reported to me that I had better look at the bottom as the paint needed attention.  After three seasons I thought that was fair.  When I pulled the boat, the pressure sprayer could not cut the bottom paint.  Usually, the pressure cleaning removes a considerable amount of ablative paint.  The Micron 66 was severely checked and very rough on about 70 percent of the bottom where the paint was put on very thick.  Although the paint was still working, the bottom was very slow.  

Another concern, covering with anything other than a soft ablative paint will require that the bottom be completely sanded clear to the barrier/gel coat.  Vivid is a hard ablative and required a complete sanding.  I bet converting from Vivid to an epoxy will require the same process.

Bottom line is that after four years, three seasons, the Micron 66 worked.  Problem was that it was so rough that I was probably not as fast over the water as I should have been.  

Frank Noragon
S/V Cool Change
C&C Landfall 38, #001
Rose City Yacht Club
Portland, Oregon

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