{Stus-List} Boat trailer for C&C 27

Ross MacLennan rmaclennan at accesscomm.ca
Wed Mar 21 09:31:25 EDT 2007

Well , my buddy & I are now proud ( I think ) owners of the C&C 27 that was 
advertised on e-bay .

The boat is in Newport News, Virginia (don't ask how carefully we personally 
checked the boat out before purchase???)  and our big adventure this spring 
is to go down & bring it back to Saskatchewan.

To do that we need a boat trailer sufficient to handle that size of boat.

As a last resort we do have an offer to borrow a friend's (local) trailer 
when they launch their boat this spring but we would far rather buy a good 
used trailer for ourselves.
( Borrowing friends equipment doesn't always work out the best for long term 
friendships if things go wrong).

Does anyone know where I might get such a trailer or have ideas of where I 
might start looking for used sailboat trailers .

Given that we're heading for Virginia almost any location from the mid-west 
to the east coast might work.

Ross MacLennan
C&C 24, Tobermory

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