{Stus-List} Photos on the site http://www.Flickr.com ?

Don Harben sailadventures at rogers.com
Wed Mar 21 14:09:28 EDT 2007

The http://www.Flickr.com site with Yahoo has been gaining a good reputation.

I have no connection to Yahoo or Flickr.


C&C 29Mk1 

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I enjoyed looking at the owners photo galleries and appreciate your efforts to provide such a user friendly site.  Best of it's kind!!  I can get used to ignoring ads, if that keeps the site free.  
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I have been searching and searching for a suitable program for storing photos on the C&C Photo Album.  To date I have not been satisfied with anything I found.
Photo Albums come in different flavours and each has its good and bad points.  One huge problem is the disk space required to store hundreds or maybe thousands of photos - and that costs money.  Photos are not like text pages and consume large amounts of bandwidth - and extra bandwidth costs more money.
Next is that the program must support multiple registered users who can add, edit or delete their albums and at the same time allow guests the opportunity to view everyone's albums.
There are lots of good freebie albums available for users at places like WalMart and Kodak but that means linking back to the Photo Album and those albums are so full of commercial ads its hard to find the pictures.  One thing I do not like on any internet site is external links and outside commercials or ads. 
I have not given up yet and maybe I'll find something in the near future.  If I can't find something, I have to spend some time and design and write my own.
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