{Stus-List} What great people on this list

Ross MacLennan rmaclennan at accesscomm.ca
Thu Mar 22 19:34:55 EDT 2007

What a great community of sailors we have on this list.
As some of you know my buddy & I bought a C&C 27 Mark III that was on eBay 
but the reserve wasn't met so we dealt directly with the owner. It is 2100 
miles away so we couldn't even look at it except in a few photos.

Had we been a little more knowledgeable we would have contacted fellow 
listers & they would have checked it out for us .

Since I announced where the boat is , apparently in Yorkton not Newport News 
, Greg Cutter has went & checked it out & gave us what I would say is a good 
if not even glowing report . Nothing he reported was different than what the 
PO had told us , so there is still a few honest people left out there.

Both Greg & Ed have offered us a place to stay while we are there and a sail 
if we can work it in .

What great people .

I will sleep better tonight knowing that Greg has checked it out & the boat 
has passed muster.

Also thanks to Peter Deppisch for alerting us to the boat.

Ross MacLennan
C&C 24, Tobermory

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