{Stus-List} Radar love

Peter Kisilenko fretless at videotron.ca
Mon Mar 26 11:47:16 EDT 2007

Here's a question for the electronic gurus out there (Jim?).

I would like to replace my getting long in the tooth looks like it came from
a 60's era Soviet submarine 1985 Raymarine radar. The shear number of
choices and systems from the major manufactures makes it a difficult

I'm considering two options.

#1. Garmin 3206 Plotter/Radar/Sounder  w/Garmin 21 antenna

#2.Furuno 1724c Plotter/Radar/Sounder


I like Garmin stuff and it's a bit cheaper than the Furuno as they include
the GPS antenna in the package. But I know that Furuno has a good rep for
its radar gear.

Any thoughts out there?


Peter Kisilenko '85 k/cb 37 ''Fretless V''


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