{Stus-List} Shaft Removal on C&C34

WS CONNER conner.sean at comcast.net
Tue Mar 27 06:43:57 EDT 2007


I've been a lurker and occasional poster since the very beginning, and have
learned over the years to validate my thinking/plans with this group before
starting any major project.  So as I plan out a new prop, cutlass bearing,
and shaftseal, I found my library of digests very resourceful.  Does anyone
know the shaft tube diameter on the 34 mk1?  (1979).  It looks like a 2" ID
hose, but I can't be sure.  Also, does anyone know the exact ID size of the
cutlass bearing on the 34?  

Thanks again, and I'll try and post my experience pulling the shaft coupler

-Sean Conner - LADYHAWKE

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