{Stus-List} Rebedding genoa tracks

Allan Rheaume allanrheaume at videotron.ca
Fri Mar 30 07:55:21 EDT 2007

I need anyone on the lists opinion on rebedding genoa tracks. I found evidence of several leaks aboard last week after a long winter. My boat has a ceiling liner that has a roughly 3/4 of an inch space between it and the deck. Because of this space, water is free to travel to the lowest point making the source of any leak difficult to trace. I have already rebedded the line clutches though I am now suspecting the deck mounted teak handrails and possibly the genoa tracks. Do I need to remove the tracks entirely, install new butyl tape and reinstall or can I more simply lift each screw and caulk around and re-insert. I'm not trying to take any shortcuts, but as the boat is nearing 20 years old I find the chore list gets longer with each new season.
1988 30 Mk II
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