{Stus-List} Heavy air chute flying tip

Ross MacLennan rmaclennan at accesscomm.ca
Mon Mar 5 12:14:53 EST 2007

I think that's the same thing as saying ' keep the boat under the sail"

I generally use the idea of keeping the middle of the sail centred on the forestay especially as the winds get up.
But I also let the pole ahead a bit when it starts to get hairy.
Ross MacLennan
C&C 24, Tobermory
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  Previous threads have talked about heavy air spin trim to control oscillations while dead downwind.  The threads suggested keeping the pole more forward than in light air to keep the chute a bit behind the main.  Heard a neat tip while racing on a Wavelength 24 this weekend in 15+ knots of breeze.  Skipper said to keep the chute centered on the forestay.  Worked pretty well.  Guy trimmer had a good point of reference keeping the chute's center seam directly forward of the forestay.  Boat was stable.

  Had to get a sailing fix while Touche' is in the yard!!

  Dennis C.
  Touche' 35-1 #83
  Mandeville, LA

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