{Stus-List} Flush mount thru-hull

Ed mainsul at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 9 07:44:16 EST 2007

Just getting ready to do the same project myself so any info would be much appreciated here also.

I think my plan goes something like this:
1) remove the old thruhull with force (grinder, dremel etc)
2) check hull condition in area of old through hull and fix if needed
3) taper hull for new flush mount with dremel - over size a bit to allow for sealant
4) coat hole and taper with sealant (Lifeseal maybe?)
5) insert new through hull, screw on seacock
6) use very short lags in seacock flange to keep it from rotating off
7) oh yeh - fill old bolt holes though hull with west systems (I think)
8) go to next project

I could be way off by that is my starting plan so far

Va Beach


N7FN at aol.com wrote:     Help!  Any one have instructions for installing a flush mount  thru-hull?

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