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David Ryan dryan at buckeye-express.com
Sun Mar 11 12:48:18 EDT 2007

I like the mainsheet arrangement across the floor of the cockpit. I have one
of the older C&C's that was a product of the IOR rule.  My traveller is
built into the 'bridgedeck' in front of the companionway, and is end-boom
sheeted. That area is just about max beam on my c&c. As it is built into the
bridge deck, it is right on top (actually recessed) into a prime seating
location. Too bad. Go sit somewhere else, blondie. Try that nice spot on the

For the floor-mounted traveller to work, you need a wide transom. The new
designs carry beam way back, adding a lot of form stability. Not so with the
IOR Broach-Coach design. I think putting the traveller in the floor of an
older C&C would severely limit any travelling, to the point of uselessness.
I haven't looked closely at the new ones coming out of Fairport Harbor, so
maybe those are different.

I think most mid-boom mainsheet locations are not for efficient sail
handling, but to 'de-clutter' the cockpit to make it a better place for
socializing. No serious boats have mid-boom sheeting.
My .02

Dave Ryan

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The new New York 43 has the traveler on the cockpit sole, right in front of
the helm. The mainsheet system is attached to the end of the boom. Would
seem to be a great location for singlehanding, plus much better mechanical
advantage than mid-boom. The boat has a "T" cockpit arrangement similar to
my 35 (ie the seats do not extend back to the helm area). Has anyone ever
thought of trying it on a C&C? The only disadvantages I can think of are the
potential stubbed toe and it might be difficult to release the mainsheet
cleat (although that could probably be alleviated by a 12" penant between
the lower mainsheet block and the traveler attachment??) Listers, what do
you guys think?

John Garth
Moondance 35 Mk III
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I built up the mast collar by forming a dam out of duct tape. Worked like a
charm. Held the Spartite in place and formed a nice lip. I sealed it with
Lifecaulk and painted it black. It now looks like one with the mast collar.


Jake Brodersen
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