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Ronald B. Frerker rbfrerker at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 11 13:19:42 EDT 2007

I've wondered about that fill location leaking water
as well.
Could you send those notes to me as well?
Wild Cheri
rbfrerker at yahoo.com

--- Bill Coleman <coltrek at verizon.net> wrote:

> Jim-
> What was your speed at 3000?
> Do you think you could set the pitch up one setting?
> At that diesel class, Klaus said it was fine that my
> electric pump was
> before that Racor.
> Even tho their sketch showed it after it. An added
> benefit is not having to
> pour diesel into the filter after you change the
> element.
> Kind of what you are saying, so I think, after the
> discussion of a few weeks
> ago, that I will keep my current configuration.
> A local had his boat shipped to the Bahamas a couple
> months ago, and some
> others went down to sail with them - they said
> He was replacing his filters every 4 hours, now down
> to around 16 hrs. That
> from all the crud in the tank getting shook up.
> Klaus said the biggest problem with Diesels is . . .
> the O ring on the fill
> in the deck. Keeping water out is critical - 
> I took some notes from that seminar, as soon as I
> type them out I will send
> them if you interested, or just post them here.
> Bill Coleman
> C&C 39
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> There was a discussion a couple of weeks ago about
> where to put the primer
> bulb when installing it: before or after the Racor.
> I put mine in before the
> Racor (because it was easier access and seemed
> "right") and discovered an
> unexpected bonus. I moved the Racor to get better
> access to it, and so had
> to relocate the in and out fittings. When I pumped
> the bulb to fill the
> Racor after installing a new filter, everything went
> fine, it was only a few
> pumps to fill. When I went to change out the
> secondary (Yanmar) on-engine
> filter, I discovered that the pressurizing had
> induced several easily-traced
> leaks in the fuel system which were corrected with a
> round of fastener
> tightening. I was reassured that my Racor fitting
> and filter change was
> airtight because it was first in the pressurized
> chain. Putting the bulb
> after the Racor would not have given me the same
> check. 
> I also discovered that my tank is probably full of
> crud because the old
> Racor filter sure was. Sea-tested Shift yesterday
> and I could maintain 3000
> RPM no problem, but the boat feels a little
> underpowered. I suspect there is
> considerable blockage in the exhaust elbow, changing
> which is a job for
> another day when I feel more like becoming the human
> pretzel. Ow. I may hire
> a small mechanic for that one. 
> Jim Watts
> Paradigm Shift
> C&C 35 Mk III
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