{Stus-List} bottom strip complete (now my dribble...)

Jim Watts jimwatts at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 14 00:45:44 EDT 2007

Just an idle question, but...do you find yourself swimming home a lot? I
mean, more than usual.

Jim Watts
Paradigm Shift
C&C 35 Mk III

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> "Well, there ain't no bug's on me, there ain't no bug's on me!  There may
> be bugs on some of you mugs, but there ain't no bugs on me!"
> (Traditional tune, but played humorously on the Garcia/Grisman acoustic
> disk "Not for kids only."  Worth getting, IMHO)
> Jim/Greg wrote:
> >"Heck, we used to spray ourselves with DDT just for the rush,...<snip>...
> >I remember the Great Ether Binge, sorta. My wife
> >wasn't around for that one, thankfully."
> >
> >If you remember the 60s, you weren't there  ;-).
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