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thanks Jim and others.  

Once you went to LED, were they as bright as the original?   I'm hoping not.


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I bought LED's from Paneltronics and redid both DC panels entirely, looks much nicer & uses much less juice. I have the AC LED's for the AC panel, haven't got around to doing that yet. The 1/4" LED's have to be held in with a drop of silicone sealant & they use the original trim rings. You can't tell how rusty they are in any light. 

Jim Watts
Paradigm Shift
C&C 35 Mk III
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I have the original electrical panel in the boat.  A couple of the indicator lights have burned out and I'm looking to replace.  >From my local  WM stores I found they don't carry them anymore.  Does anyone have a suggestion on where I can find the standard, red panel indicator lights?  Radio Shack was a bust also.


'84 37

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