{Stus-List} Rudder nut removal -> saga ends!

Jeff and Suz Nelson nelson8077 at rogers.com
Sun Nov 4 20:49:31 EST 2007

Finally got the rudder out!  Took a grinder to the quadrant and ran it along 
the splice severing the bolts at the
splice.   With a big screwdriver and my flat bar, pryed the thing apart and 
ended with the two halfs.

Fortunately the boat on the cradle and blocks allowed the rudder to leave 
free and clear without any digging,
which would have just about made my day.

Now to get the thing out to the metal guys to see if it can be repaired 
or...the unthinkable.

Now the rebuild begins!

Tired but Happy....
   Jeff Nelson
   Muir Calieag
   C&C 30 

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