{Stus-List} Propellor Shaft Coupling Removal

William Blight wblight at ns.sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 4 21:04:08 EST 2007

Thank to all of the good info,  The web site was particularly helpful.

Many Thanks

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> William Blight wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> It is time to replace the packing and at the same time the hose 
>> connecting the shaft seal gland to the shaft log.
>> I puled the transmission out to have good elbow space and also for a 
>> suitable puller.  It is still quite stubborn.  With the area cleared I 
>> may put a litle heat on it. 
>> Jim when you recently did your strut job etc. how stubborn was yours.
>> Bill Blight
>> Anooree C&C 35 MKIII
>  Bill,
> The usual way to separate the coupling is to remove the coupling bolts, 
> place a spacer (a bit smaller in diameter than the shaft)  between the 
> transmission side and the shaft side. You then replace the original 
> bolts with ones long enough to allow for the extra length of the spacer 
> and tighten the nuts. The spacer will push the shaft out of the 
> coupling. My 36 was a tough one because I couldn't see the bolts and 
> work at the same time. A friend did the same job on his C&C 29 and had 
> much better access to the nuts/bolts.
> Good luck.
> Bill
> Caprice 1
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