{Stus-List} Semi-Noober-Racer Seeking Drifter(?) Advice

Bob Moriarty bobmor99 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 19:16:25 EST 2007

Greetings to my Northern C&C brethren,

Here in North Florida (the land of few C&C's), we are headed into
primo sailing weather. Don't be envious, we dodge lots of summer
lightning bolts to get to this point. <grin/duck>.
FWIW, I grew up in Wisconsin, so I know all about the
Alice-in-Wonderland, upside down world where ice fishermen have
heaters in their shanties - not to keep warm, but to keep the beer
from freezing.

Yesterday, I was racing Dasher, my arch-nemesis - a 1967 Islander-37.
Using the tip of my spreader, I managed to poke a 1 inch hole in my
~145 mylar headsail. I took it down when the hole started to increase.
The winds were ~7-10 knots and we were on a long downwind leg. I've
never flown a spinnaker in my life and the boat came with a colorful,
very lightweight headsail that I'd never taken out of the bag. It
turns out that it wasn't a spinnaker but some sort of drifter(?). It
looked like about a 155 with a big grommet at the clew and had the
same numbers as the mainsail. The luff had a fat bolt rope that would
never fit in the #6 grooves in my forestay foil. It also had some
small grommets that were hank-less.

So, I tied the tack to a pad-eye located close to the bow and raised
the sail with a spare halyard. The sail filled nicely (but I
definitely need some sort of whisker pole).
Is this the way to fly this sail? Can a drifter be used for upwind
work in light air?


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