{Stus-List} fuel filters

Brödersen Jacob K Ctr ACC/A8II jacob.brodersen.ctr at langley.af.mil
Tue Nov 6 08:51:04 EST 2007


I agree on the fuel return.  The return rate of fuel from the injection system is quite low, but still measurable.  Pull off the return line some time and watch it dribble into a cup.  It does help filter the fuel, but it would take an enormous time to filter all of the tank's contents.  My truck also uses the fuel system to cool the electronics for the injection system.  The fuel is used as a heat sink by mounting the high power transistors to the injection pump.  Running the vehicle with less than a 1/4 tank is not recommended, as it will impact the electronics adversely (overheating).


Jake Brodersen
C&C 35 Mk-III
"Midnight Mistress"
Hampton VA

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