{Stus-List} fuel filters

Wally Bryant wal at wbryant.com
Tue Nov 6 12:31:17 EST 2007

When I replaced my tank, we put in two pickups lines.  The main one sits
about three inches from the bottom of the tank (I hope... That's what I told
them to do.)  There's another one that's at the very bottom.  Normally I
pull fuel from the high tube, but flip a valve and pull from the lower tube
when sitting at the dock and just cycling fuel through the Racor.   I
suppose it could also be used like a "reserve," so if I run out of fuel I
could flip the valve and have enough to for docking maneuvers.  Hopefully
that never happens!

I've never measured the fuel coming back from my engine.  On the new Kubota
block, it really looks to me like fuel coming back from the injectors is
recalculated, minimizing the work that the fuel pump has to do.  However, I
did install a line back to the tank as well.  When I shut off fuel at the
engine (actually a foot away) it will run for almost 15 minutes on the fuel
that's in the hoses, so I think that a lot of fuel gets circulated past the


You wrote:
> Sorry- I don't buy that one.  It is at the bottom of the 
> tank, because all that fuel wouldn't be much good to you if 
> it were at the top, middle or anywhere other than the bottom 
> of the tank. Also, has anyone measured the return rate of 
> fuel?  ...<snip>

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