{Stus-List} Hood SeaFurl II Foil Repair

dwight veinot dwightveinot at hfx.eastlink.ca
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You’re scared to go aloft…normal for most of us…make sure you have a safety
halyard attached to your chair as well as the primary…bowline connections on
the lines are the best …don’t rely on shackles regardless…they are very
strong but unpredictable and can open accidentally….your fear will then be
gone and if you trust your buddies who got you up there in the first place
you will be able to do your work with some piece of mind


Dwight Veinot

1974 C&C 35, Alianna

Head of St. Margaaret's Bay, NS



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Do you go to the top of the mast with a forestay or backstay temporarily
replaced by a spare halyard? I'm not afraid of heights, I'm just afraid of
falling from heights. Actually, it's the landing I fear. 


As for a roll pin, if I understand correctly, it would function as the
internal splicing sleeve and be held in place with allen screws. Maybe I can
find a one foot length aluminum pipe and cut a lengthwise channel in it. If
its outside diameter is a little too big for the foil, I'll cut the channel
wider and then squeeze it (the pipe/roll pin).  


If I go new, I'll probably go with the Hood SeaFurl V. With the SeaFurl II
upgrade deal, the price would be about half that of a similar Harkin unit.




On 11/7/07, Dennis C.  > wrote: 



You might want to talk with a machine shop about straightening it.  A good
machinist can work magic sometimes.


You should be able to drop it without unstepping.  I routinely change stays
and shrouds without dropping a rig.  If it's a continuous foil, you can coil
it to take it to the shop.


I don't suppose a new Harken furler is on your Christmas list?


Dennis C.

Touche' 35-1 #83

Mandeville, LA



Bob Moriarty <HYPERLINK "mailto:bobmor99 at gmail.com" \nbobmor99 at gmail.com>

While sailing along at around 5 knots, the battery platform of a channel
marker hit my forestay about 8' off the deck. Stupid channel markers. The
foil is somewhat bent there - to the extent that the swivel will not pass
below that point. The friendly folks at Pompanette (Hood Distributors) said
that replacement sections for my foil are nowhere to be found and offered me
a deal (available to SeaFurl II owners) on a SeaFurl V.  They also suggested
using a piece of PVC to straighten the bend, but that effort would entail
unstepping the mast (which I want to avoid). (My boat is in the water year


My headsail luff is about a foot shorter than the foil length so I was
thinking of cutting away the worst 12" and then splicing the two pieces with
some sort of internal sleeve. I have a tap and die set so I could secure the
sleaves with small machine screws and then grind the heads flush with the
foil  I'd try to make some sort of angled countersunk(?) holes in the foil
so that I wouldn't be removing the entire screwhead. 


I appreciate in advance any thoughts or advice.




Ox 1976 C&C-33

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