{Stus-List} Halyards, splicing eyes & fids - saving $$

Peter Deppisch peter.deppisch at sympatico.ca
Fri Nov 9 12:43:45 EST 2007

I can't get the hang of it.  Maybe I need to just try and try again.  
Don't even remember what I did with my splicing kit.  Will have to look 
for it as I have spare line and need docking line and I am tired of 
doing a bowline each time and besides bowlines are not the most secure 
now as per previous discussions.

Dennis C. wrote:
> With this talk of halyards, you can save a few bucks by doing your own 
> splicing.  Braided cores are fairly easy and straightforward.  
> Unidirectional cored lines are a bit trickier but very doable.  New 
> England Ropes has splicing guides for the various cores which are helpful.
> I buy halyards 10-15 feet longer than required.  When the eye end gets 
> deteriorated by UV or worn by the sheave or forestay, etc., I simply 
> swap the thing end for end and put a new eye on.  Splicing eyes in 
> used line is a bit more difficult than splicing new line but it can be 
> done if that portion of the line hasn't been loaded.  Many 
> professional riggers won't do it.  I just swapped a StaSet X Plus spin 
> halyard and spliced the snapshackle on the new end.  Bit of work but I 
> was successful.
> Most of the expense of a halyard is the halyard itself, not the 
> splice.  Seems a real shame to chunk a halyard because 2-4 feet at one 
> end is worn.
> I have a selection of fids and splicing wands but seem to use the 
> Brion Toss wand more often than not. 
> Dennis C.
> Touche' 35-1 #83
> mandeville, LA
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