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I have used several different bosun's chairs and I know how to use them, none of them as safe as a properly adjusted climbing harness.  Try one day, over something thick and soft, what happens if you are inverted accidentally.  Also, just like some bicycle seats are for short, fast ride and some are for long term comfort, harnesses also purpose built.  Mine is as comfortable or better than most bosun's chair for longer use.  As far as the pockets, harnesses have attachment loops where you can fix a bag or anything else to carry up.  Rock climbers have to bring water, food, safety gear, coils of ropes, the list is long....  ;-)

On the other hand you should use what you feel comfortable with.  I do not suggest that you should change.  A lower end harness with wide leg-loops is a lot cheaper and safer than a bosun's chair; YMMV.

Just one persons experience.  Practice under safe conditions before doing it under stress!


dwight veinot <dwightveinot at hfx.eastlink.ca> wrote:          v\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w\:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);}        st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) }           I don’t doubt that the climbing gear is pretty safe but the bosun’s chair that I carry and those that many of my friends have are quite safe, that is it would be hard to fall out if you attached them correctly and they have the added advantage of pockets
screws, nuts and bolts, small tools, bulbs etc
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  Climbing harness is much safer than most bosun chairs.  With a chest harness it is as safe as it can be, that is what we use in the USAR team.

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