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Rich Knowles rk at ns.sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 18 20:58:45 EST 2007

I'd suggest seriously considering replacing the fuel tank if it's  
easier to get at while you have the engine out. I'd also consider  
installing a Drive Saver between the shaft flanges and possibly a  
dripless shaft seal to replace the stuffing box. Lots of ways to spend  
money! Consider it as a mid-life refit if you are going to keep the  
boat for more than a couple of years and do it all right while it's in  

Rich Knowles
Halifax NS

On 18-Nov-07, at 7:34 PM, Richard Walter wrote:

> Greetings,
> So, it turns out that to replace our engine mounts on our 1978 36- 
> foot; it’s actually easier to pull the engine. While the unique  
> circumstance of having the engine is out, we have some thoughts on  
> work that may need to be done:
> ·         add inline raw water strainer
> ·         inspect/replace hoses
> ·         inspect/replace mixing elbow
> ·         inspect/service stuffing box
> ·         inspect/replace exhaust hoses
> ·         inspect/replace fuel fill line
> ·         inspect/service engine kill switch
> ·         inspect/replace cutlass bearing
> ·         inspect/replace throttle
> ·         inspect/replace Yanmar control panel (sticky ignition key)
> ·         add engine hours meter
> ·         add fuel capacity measure
> ·         add line cutter to shaft
> ·         add fuel filter switch
> ·         clean/paint bilge
> ·         remove unnecessary bilge blower
> ·         inspect/service hot water heater
> ·         inspect/adjust steering cable (replace if necessary)
> ·         install shore power plug/wiring
> ·         install cockpit speakers/wiring
> ·         re-lead GPS receiver wiring
> ·         install a light in the bilge, wired to a new panel
> I KNOW this is a long list.  Has anyone been in my situation?  Am I  
> missing anything? Thanks for your attention.
> Meg & Richard
> s/v INDIGO
> Watch Hill, RI
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