{Stus-List} What's on YOUR holiday gift want list?

Wally Bryant wal at wbryant.com
Sun Nov 18 22:54:52 EST 2007

Jim - 

I did the Salvation Army thing in 1986, just to get an authentic Halloween
costume, and ended up with a bad case of creepy crawlies.  (From the costume
-- I should have dry cleaned it.)  Unfortunately, I thought it was from the
woman I was with at the time, and it ended a wonderful friendship.

As an alternative, I would suggest fleece.  (For the clothing, not for the
woman.)  I think it's made from recycled sheep, or something.

A Google search defines siwash as an insult.  I don't know, personally,
having never heard the word before.


Jim wrote:
> Hang around the local Salvation Army and wait for a good 
> siwash to show up. 

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