{Stus-List} J30 - wet core ??

Hoyt, Mike Mike.Hoyt at impgroup.com
Mon Nov 19 08:30:33 EST 2007

If the price reflects the wet core then no big deal.  Fix it or get it
fixed.  A great way to get a very good deal on a boat.  If the price
does not reflect a wet core then it should be negotiated with the
possibility and fear of a wet core - a nice bargaining tool.


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Sailor here bought a J30 this year and has cut away major portions of
deck and hull to replace wet core.   No choice however he knew he bought
a make work project as reflected in purchase price.  Major effort on his
part or pay to have it done Another club member brought a J35 in from
Great Lakes.  Nice looking boat and lots of sails.  Buyers knew if some
wet core from survey but the full extent when they got it here  Can
happen to any boat however some are more prone than others.   Know what
you are buying for sure  
Bob Abbott
CC 32
Haloifax NS  
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Buyer Beware. 
Have that J30 checked out very carefully. 
A fellow here (Erie) with one had to cut off the whole bottom, aft of
the keel, due to water in the core. Seems J boats weren't all that
concerned with sealing their penetrations, and water got in through
exhaust cutout, and some thru-hulls. 
Bill Coleman 
C&C 39 
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Thanks for all the feedback on the transportation and salt concerns 
I regret to say the bigger boat will not be a C&C, but rather a J/30 
Ok,.lay it on me.. 
It is far from a "done-deal"  but I am being pro-active 

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