{Stus-List} Boats in New Orleans area ..

Dennis C. captbuy at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 20 10:10:56 EST 2007

  There is a very well equipped Olson 29 for sale in Mississippi.  Couple of my buddies think the 29 is a better racer than the Olson 30.  Probably asking mid to high 20's.
  Dennis C.

"Hoyt, Mike" <Mike.Hoyt at impgroup.com> wrote:
  To our New Orleans listers

One of the boats on my search list is an Olson 30. There is one listed at M G Mayer yacht brokers in New Orleans for 7500 which is at teh extreme low end of the range for this boat. Anyone know the boat or willing to look at it? Wonder what the story is.

I know of another in ingston Ont that looks really good, is on a nice trailer and is 12000. This is my base boat for comparing.

One other in Huntsville Alabama looks liek it spent a few months on the bottom after Katrina - a project boat if riggig and sails were excellent but transport costs too much to get it here.


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