{Stus-List} Cockpit Speakers

Bill Bina billbina at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 20 15:52:32 EST 2007

I agree that cockpit speakers are nice. Just take into consideration 
that most speakers, including ones labeled as "marine" can be pretty 
vulnerable if you get pooped. You may find that you suddenly have two 6 
inch diameter  holes in a very inconvenient location! I have a pair of 
nice poly-planars, but I added a glassed in "box" behind them, so if 
they get burst by a wave, the water hopefully won't go below. These 
speakers are magnetically shielded, and have never cause any compass 
trouble whatsoever. One of them is mounted directly behind the mount for 
my tiller pilot.


dwight veinot wrote:
> You know guys I think I got real nice cockpit speakers and I had to cut
> holes for sure and did not like that until it was done a sealed up right and
> I don't have any compass interference but to be truthful I seldom use those
> speakers while sailing, either they interfere with the special sounds of
> sailing that I love or they interfere with the special conversations between
> folks in the cockpit but I do like the added surround??? effects I get when
> sitting at the nav station inside the boat listening to our Friday night
> version of the Foxsworthy (Jeff) countdown...the 25 best of the week in
> country with all the usual Foxsworthy and Larry the cable guy stuff...its
> great with a little black rum and coke on the mooring, of course...I am a
> Friday night regular and the cockpit speakers add a lot to my experience; so
> I say cockpit speakers are a must have
> Dwight Veinot
> 1974 C&C 35, Alianna
> Head of St. Margaaret's Bay, NS

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