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Eric Haberfellner eric at firstclass.com
Wed Nov 21 08:04:18 EST 2007

I used the Polyplanar speakers for my cockpit speaker project. They worked
fine. I mounted them in the access ports in the aft cockpit bulkhead.
Careful compass measurments before and after installaion, powered and
unpowered show no difference.

See under "May 2005" on my maintenance page at:
Eric Haberfellner

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cnc-list at cnc-list.com writes:
>I think Poly Planar speakers tend to have less magnetic effect than
>others.  Mine are mounted in the side bulkheads of the cockpit and seem to
>have no effect on the compass.  Just move them around further and further
>from the compass until the effect is minimal.  Should be around 14-18
>inches or more.
>I get more magnetic effect from my RAM mike which is mounted on the
>instrument cluster pedestal guard.  I have a second mike clip at the base
>of the pedestal for when I want to minimize the effect.  I usually use the
>digital compass from my Nexus system.
>Dennis C.
>Touche' 35-1 #83
>Mandeville, LA
>Tom Anderson <tom at nonpareilracing.com> wrote:
>If you install the speakers outboard of the binnacle compass EXACTLY the
>distance apart, the magnets on the speakers will cancel each other out. I
>this many years ago, and my compass reads perfectly normal, and I easily can 
>compare it to my Tacktick Racemaster Compass mounted on my mast.
>Tom Anderson
>C&C 32 Nonpareil
>Marblehead, MA
>PS AND there are companies out there who make shielded speakers (usual 
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>Re: blower- don't remove it, run it when the engine is under long runs
>- to cool engine room, exhaust diesel engine smells . I run mine for 5
>or 10 at the end of most motoring
>RE: cockpit speakers- I have been challnged to come up with speakers
>that don't impact my binnacle compass....
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