{Stus-List} A new U.K. Branch of the C&C Owners Club?

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Mon Nov 26 13:50:29 EST 2007

Do it!  But go bigger.  Given the cost of transport, you might as well go 
with a bigger and more comfortable boat. The 30-1 is an easy step up... or 
you can go right up to the larger C&C's -- all of which will be 
competitively priced relative to UK boats.

Jeff Cole (on this list) can advise on transport issues as he has shipped 
his boat to Europe and back.

Good luck!

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>Subject: {Stus-List} A new U.K. Branch of the C&C Owners Club?
>Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 22:16:08 -0000
>I've owned my first boat for just over a year now and am looking to move up 
>a little. The U.K market for sailboats (and sailing in general) tends to be 
>more than a little overpriced. My research via good old ebay took me to The 
>States, the Great Lakes....and C&C.
>I can't believe that such a well respected brand is extremely rare in the 
>U.K. when Moody and Westerly boats can commonly be seen for sale in the 
>U.S. Perhaps you guys keep the best to yourselves!
>I am seriously considering buying and importing a C&C 27. The £/$ exchange 
>rate (inc.Can$) and the more sensible pricing of boats makes this a viable 
>project, as well as a being a bit of an adventure. I'm presently in 
>e-correspondance with a chap who is selling a mid 70's 27 which he bought 
>when it was 3 years old. He seems to have dealt with the common issue of 
>deck core rot caused by water ingress through chainplates and stachionsand 
>and it sounds as though the vessel has been meticulously maintained 
>throughout his ownership.
>Given the collective wealth of knowledge, experience and information 
>amongst you I would welcome any advice relating to my plan, even if it's 
>"Don't do it!".
>Ali Gladman
>Cambridge U.K.

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