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Not sure what you're wanting to do.  ??

On the '84LF38 there are two openings under the port Q-Berth.  One is large enough to build a shelf underneath and place 3 group 27 batteries in; the other aft one was large enough to store all kind of stuff in, mostly packed within plastic boxes.  Aft one was quite shallow, forward one was deep enough for batteries, plus.  

When I bought Frith, the forward locker housed a refer system, which I trashed, and built it into battery banks.

What are you trying to use the space for????

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  Question to LF 38 owners: Can the board under the cushions in the quarter berth be removed to gain better access to the port side of the engine and the batteries?.......I would like to remove it and cut into three pieces either lengthways or across to make for easier removal to get to the batts., etc...................Has anyone done this and if so how difficult is it? I know the wall to the instrument access has to be removed along with the bottom piece of "strake" on the port side and the decroative molding at each end.........It looks like it would be impossible to remove the quarter berth board without sawing it in place.

  Tom 1982 LF 38 COMPULSION 


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